Fun with Pics

April 30, 2009
Greetings Gloggers.

So I went out with my camera again the other day and got some shots of the Cycling team doing the Grafton Notch Race. 23 miles UPHILL……!!!

Also the JV Baseball Team taking a win over Hebron. The pitcher on that day was Jeb Clarke, who is faculty member Dr Brad Clarkes son… He’s quite a pitcher for a freshman….!

And lastly a picture from last week of Carey Hadden playing Varsity Lacrosse

Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Peter Cowan, Will Buick and Taylor Reiss

Jeb Clarke. Ruling it old school….

The JV baseball team, after 1st innings

Yeah just watch me blow by you….!!

If anyone has requests for stuff for me to write about or they want to see pictures of just let me know. Maybe some dorm room pictures…..!
So beware…..!!
Until next week TTFN



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