Fun Week-end then Snow

April 28, 2010
As you saw from my last Glog entry, I was on duty at the week end. And what a lovely week end it was with temps in the 60’s.
We did a lot of the the things that were on last weeks Glog, but as always the activities seem to change, and evolve.
This is OK and usually the best way to be.
So some of the changes/things that I was involved in.
  • The trip to Rye skateboarding, turned into a handful going over to Bethel’s very own skate park, over at Davis park. The weather was beautiful, so why not.
  • The pick up Volleyball game on Sunday, turned into a 12 on 12 game of Ultimate Frisbee, because that’s what everyone wanted to do.
  • I did re-cycling with 5 students, who wanted to do it, and had a lot of fun doing so.
  • While watching the baseball game, some of us whittled spoons.

  • Some of the boys whittling and watching the baseball game.

So just some of the things done on a regular week end.
And a lovely one it was too.
Until next week

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