May 9, 2008

“Fun” may be the most important three letter word.

Tonight I was out making my rounds towards the end of the post-study hall break, and as I came around Hanscom, I heard this boisterous crowd. There was loud cheering and laughing on a beautiful evening, and being the glum, old administrator, I wondered what I might find. Who’s done what to whom? What prank has been played?

As I walked down past Bingham, it was clear that there was a large crowd outside Holden. Was one of the younger kids being tortured? There was too much laughter for someone to be being hurt. …and the cheering? Perhaps they were burning an effigy of Dan, Pat or me?!

No. Not quite. There were forty or so kids hanging out of all ages, sizes, nationalities and colors. There were freshmen and seniors, geeks and athletes, day students and boarders… Everyone was hooting and hollering. And the commotion? Two lines were faced off playing a teenage equivalent of ‘Red Rover, Red Rover, send _____ over.”

Hours earlier some of the participants had been in AP exams. Others were involved in the play or in Varsity practices and games. Some had turned in Junior papers earlier in the week. others will shortly be heading off to top colleges and universities.

But tonight they were just having fun. No profanity. No computers. It was just a great bunch of kids having fun!

Have fun this weekend,


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