Full Metal Jacket, Fever Pitch and Elf

December 9, 2010

So you may well think from the title, we are writing about movies….. Wrong it’s just a fun title to get you interested in our week.

Full Metal Jacket

Last Friday was the opening of an exhibition of work created by our Artist in Residence Eric Zinner, and the students who had the opportunity to learn new skills in the blacksmith shop.

The students produced amazing work and we look forward to seeing Eric again for Sophomore 4 Point, in late Feb.

Class piece to be displayed on campus……

Fever Pitch

Gehring dorm is definitely at Fever Pitch due the Snowball this weekend….. Yes I know you have all heard about snowball …this is our perspective….

We lived with boys for 7 years and they don’t even seem to realize its about to happen…. At 6pm on Saturday, they might peak a little interest as to which wrinkled shirt they want to wear, it’s at this point knocking started on our door for ironing lessons…..!!

Now Gehring is a completely different monster, there’s talk of false eyelashes, what am I going do with my hair, which dress should I wear…. Then there’s the thundering on the corridors and the fleeting glance of a girl running to her friend room for a dress rehearsal…. Can’t wait for Saturday night to come … we are sure the door will be revolving till they leave in all their glory.


So where does Elf fit in…? Mysteriously a Christmas tree arrived in Gehring lounge delivered by Buddy the Elf, this has lead to frantic Christmas decorating of the lounge. Something girls are good at…..!
So only one more week to go and we will be sending them all back to you for a couple of weeks…..
See you next week
The Davies’s’s’s’s


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