From the Hadza tribe to Amsterdam

March 30, 2013

We have landed in Amsterdam and have a few hours to transition. We began yesterday morning with the Hadza tribe hunting for game animals and eating fresh honey gathered from baobab tress. We never tracked down an animal but greatly enjoyed sucking the fresh honey right from the comb. It was amazing to witness the Hadza man climb this huge tree and dive into the honey comb. Bees were swarming him everywhere, but they did not sting him because he has the scent of earth, not all of our shampoos and soaps. After, our Tumaini hosts were happy to show us how to crack open the baobab fruit and eat it. It was truly desert in the bush!

We ended the day with a great brunch at Lake Eyasis and then said good bye to our friends in Karatu. All are doing well and we will be in Boston soon.


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