From beards to boards and burgers to Beijing!

February 22, 2008

Normally, I am worse than worthless at 1:00 am. But this past Thursday morning at 1:00 AM we closed the door on a bus carrying the freshmen class and five faculty members, and I was awake and as excited as I have been in a long time. After some big and bold vision, lots of efforts by Mr. Baker and many others, lots of studying of all sorts of things Asian by the ninth graders and their teachers and lots of financial support from the Gould community, the class was off to Beijing and other Chinese cities. Having already had the opportunity myself, I was probably more excited than some of the students. The only thing that dampened my enthusiasm was that I couldn’t go with them. At times it is hard to fathom what a great opportunity these students have. Then the magnitude comes into much crisper focus when I am talking to people from outside the community and other educators, and their consistent response is amazement. I have people calling me now to check in on how the trip is going. The good news is that you can follow their adventure at the special blog for the journey.

Before we could let the freshmen go, we had one of those great special events at Gould. On Wednesday night, Holden students and faculty hosted a “rail jam” and cookout for the whole school. Snowboarders and skiers launched themselves off the kicker and on to the rails under the lights and a full lunar eclipse. There were cheeseburgers and hot dogs for snacks and a fire pit to stay warm around.

It was a great evening. Thanks Holden guys for a really fun night.

And, just in case we hadn’t had enough fun for the week, on Thursday morning we closed out the beard growing for charity contest with a fun assembly. There were a number of winners in a variety of categories from ‘diversity’ to ‘sexiest’ to ‘most disgusting’! Thanks to the guys and their sponsors for a great effort for charity. I know that there were several who very scratchy and ready to shed their growth. Mr. Penley deserves special note for the mohawk and beard strip after sporting a variety of looks throughout the contest.

Now the last class of the term is done, the freshmen are gone and the seniors are leaving. The sophomores and the juniors have a weekend to get ready for their Four Points, and the rest of us are thinking about grades and comments. I hope that everyone has a great Point and restful and fun break. John Kerney


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