Free to four point…. or go home

February 17, 2012

Everybody, it’s here. The day is finally upon us. At one o’clock today, you will be done with your last class of winter term. How does it feel?

Freshmen aren’t even reading this right now. They’re probably off the plane by now and have blinked their groggy little freshmen eyes and found themselves in an entirely different country, halfway around the world from home. I never got to go to China (one of the downsides of coming to Gould as a Sophomore), and am extremely jealous. I’m also jealous because they got to enjoy their last class on Wednesday and feel that delightful sense of relief and excitement a little earlier than the rest of us.

Sophomores, even though they’ll be staying on campus, should also be excited. Soon enough, their entire class will be alone on campus, with teachers of course, but no members of other classes to interfere with what can only be called extreme, sometimes even forced, bonding. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy Gould’s delicious food and use all of the lounge spaces without running into upperclassmen or freshmen, and without having to worry about homework or grades — for one week, Gould seems like a fun summer camp for you and your 50 closest friends. Sophomore point often gets downplayed compared to exciting trips abroad, winter camping trips, and the variety of create-your-own projects that seniors come up with. But I have only fond memories of it.

For those heading off into the woods, my advice mirrors that of my good friend Ben in assembly yesterday. Use this opportunity to become closer with your friends. If you’re miserable, cry together, if you’re having fun (which you will, I promise), laugh together. Despite the fact that I’m sure pretty much everyone has resigned themselves to the fact that they’re going to hate it, just remember: you never know how much in common you’ll have with everyone in your group (whether they’re your closest friends or not), how hard yet rewarding breaking trail is, or how delicious huge handfuls of half-frozen fig newtons taste, until you’ve tried it all out with an open mind.

Senior four-pointers… let’s just go home and enjoy our month of break. I think it’s safe to say that we deserve it. Many of us are already done with senior point (win), and those of us who aren’t still get to enjoy that experience over break. As much as we all love 7:45 morning assemblies, writing 15 page papers, and waiting around for college acceptance/rejection letters, a siesta away from is greatly needed. But with 100 days left until graduation, I know I can’t be the only one feeling a little nostalgic. I can’t wait to come back to school in a month to the sunny skies, warm temperatures and afternoons of sitting in the Adirondack chairs that await me.

Peace love & spring break,



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