Fourpoint Memories…

January 14, 2013


I know, it’s bad. Like real bad. I haven’t glogged in a LONG time, I know.


WELL, by the time you read this, I will have given my senior fourpoint presentation. And, to be honest, I’m kinda nervous.

I thought it would be a good time to tell you all a little about my senior fourpoint, for practice!

Overall, my project was about what it means to be a journalist…since that’s what I want to do after Gould.


My first ‘leg’ of Fourpoint was spent at The University of Florida’s Summer Journalism Workshop. I studied for six days at UF, which I consider the greatest journalist program in the country. I lived in Beaty Towers with 80 other young journalists from around Florida; there were only ten out-of-state students, which I learned pretty quickly. I enrolled in a journalism writing course, but also attended workshops to study photojournalism and video-shooting. Also, I heard many professional speakers from the industry over the course of the week, including Kristen Harmel, Steve Johnson, Mike Foley, and Jeff Sharon. My class was taught by Wayne Garcia, USF Professor of Journalism, Executive Director of the Florida Scholastic Press Association. The class topics included formal reporting, profiling and interviewing, and journalism in social media…I learned how to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the power of Google like a true journalist. Over the week in general, I profiled a student, reported on Hurricane Debby, and covered the institution’s speakers ‘live’ on social media.

After UF, I attended the Missouri Urban Journalism Workshop, which is sponsored by The Dow Jones News Fund. There was over 500 applicants, and 20 students were chosen. I lived in Wolpers Hall and studied at the Mizzou journalism school (the oldest journalism school in America) in Columbia, MO. Over the week, I worked with over forty professional journalists from all over the country who volunteered their time to mentor the twenty students of the workshop. I spent my days at the Columbian Missourian, which is the city of Columbia’s official newspaper, on the Urban Pioneer. I attended daily news productions at NBC affiliated KOMU-8, a news broadcast serving the interior of Missouri as well as classes about print reporting and the rules of proper journalism.

Finally, I was an intern at New York Moves Magazine, which I have told you all about in previous posts.

That’s basically my fourpoint in a nutshell, which most people will know about after tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!

Till next week,



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  1. Jay Riley Jay Riley says:

    You did a super job delivering your message in Morning Assembly about why your Senior Four Point mattered so much to you. Your pace was energetic, you spoke so well, and your descriptions were full of useful information and your sincere emotions! It is great how you combined an internship, a job, and classroom studies. I’m sure you inspired some younger students today to plan well for a meaningful Four Point and to work hard to make it beneficial. Good Job!

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