Four Point Meeting #1 with Students

December 9, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick update about the meeting we had with the ninth graders after formal dinner Tuesday evening.

We surveyed the group about their travel experiences and there was a great mix of well traveled students to students that will be going on their first international trip. We also talked about what it felt like when they arrived at Gould in late August.  Anxious, nervous, sad (to leave home), excited, awkward, etc were some of the words we heard about their first day or two at Gould.  We then asked about how they felt now, and they all laughed.  This is a group of kids that now feels very comfortable with each other and here at Gould.  They were reminded that new experiences bring up different emotions and that their upcoming Four Point experience will  be one of those experiences. When they look back on the trip later on this year and in the future, when they are all experienced travelers, I think they will chuckle with confidence and say, “what a great trip” and  “let’s take on another new experience.”

Four point plays an integral role throughout a Gould student’s career in helping them to have moments where they will be challenged in different ways, all with the intention of helping them grow and become the best person that they can be.

We then spoke more specifically about how this trip is both an opportunity to expand our view of the world and focus on tying the world to the work we do in the classroom.

We talked specifically about the structure of each of the trips and went through some of the specific details that students will need to worry about in the next few weeks.

The opportunity to help our friends at the Tumaini Junior School in Tanzania was also mentioned. The students will bring supplies to the students of Tumaini as they travel. Stay tuned about what we will be collecting to bring this spring!

At the end of the class meeting the group that is going to China was broken down into the smaller groups that they will be traveling with when they go to Xi’an, Quanzhou, Kunming and Chengdu. Everyone then went off with their trip leaders to cover more details about the trips in China and Tanzania.

Please remember to get the permission forms and immunization forms in to me as soon as you can.

Here is the link to the presentation we showed the students last night: Ninth Grade Four Point 2015-2016 First Meeting

Have a great day!

Chris Hayward




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