Four Point Is Coming!

February 25, 2021

A few highlights from the many workshops being offered by Gould faculty! Among them, bagel making, making maple syrup, bookbinding, a sauna renovation, and more!

Four Point 2021 – The Plan

So much is happening over the next three weeks! Classes end for the winter term on Wednesday, and everyone will have a few low-key rest days before Four Point programming kicks in.

Then, 11th graders depart on their expedition on Sunday, March 7. Everyone else will begin their Four Point experience with an Assembly at 7 p.m. that night, to review the details for the coming week.

Students recently watched a series of short videos during Advisory, to learn about the workshop offerings, and select which ones they would like to participate in.

The flow of each day will vary some over the next few weeks. Here is a simplified schedule to help understand how things will work. Then students have a few more low-key rest days before classes begin for the spring term on March 18.

An important reminder that Four Point is an integral part of the Gould curriculum and is not optional. Also, there is no “Spring Break” this year, as there is not sufficient time for another intake period, nor do we have sufficient quarantine space. Students who leave campus, other than for school-related trips, should expect to study remotely for the remainder of the year.

Please Email Chris Hayward with Any Questions.

Here are a few of the videos to explain the Four Point workshop offerings:

The GoudaLife! Learn Kitchen Basics with Gould Faculty!

Make Amazing Bagels with Brooke Libby!

Learn about Sashiko
Traditional Japanese Stitching with Megumi Moses!

Things Get Heated!
Sauna Renovation & Power Tools with Dave Bean!

Paper & Prose with Bookbinder Colin Penley

Don’t be a Sap, It’ll be Sweet!
Making Maple Syrup with Dave Willis & Tracey Wilkerson

A Bug’s Life – Make Insect Hotels in the IDEAS Center with Paul Haberstroh!

Not part of the program? Get with it!

Learn More About Four Point at Gould!


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