Forty-Four New Ninth Graders Arrive today

August 31, 2011

It has been a pleasure to welcome the class of 2015 to campus toady!  There is a lot of enthusiasm and energy which should make a for a fun year.  Their educational journey begins with a full day of  registration, introductions, settling into spaces, and becoming familiar with campus.  This leads to orientation trips into the wilds of western Maine.  The focus of the trips is to help students connect with their peers and experience their surrounding while having loads of fun.

The schedule for the next couple of days is:

Wed 8/31

11 am Lunch Buffett- excellent food!!!

1 pm All school assembly in Bingham Hall- Introductions of administration followed by time with advisors

4pm Orientation trip meetings- Students find out who is in their groups, meet for some introductions and gain an over view of the trip.

5:30pm  Sit down dinner with orientation groups

7pm Orientation packing- Students bring all their gear for the trip to the Field House in preparation for tomorrow.

8:45pm Snacks

Thursday 9/1

6:30- 7:30 am Breakfast

8 am Orientation trips depart from the field house for fun in the sun, mountains, streams and lakes of western Maine.  Awesome!


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