Forbidden City and Beyond

March 17, 2015

An amazing day engulfed in China’s cultural history on our visit to Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and Beihai Park.

Several students took advantage of an early morning walk with Colin. Soon after, the rest of us were hoofing it to Tiananmen Square. Beyond the security check, we wandered the expanse of one of the largest city squares in the world and made our way to the Forbidden City. Passing through The Meridian Gate and into the walled city, the students were free to explore from south to north the expanse of courts, halls, and palaces that have stood for nearly five centuries.

After leaving the city, we sat down to a bowl of Vhajingmian noodles and took a hike to the top Jingshan hill. A thousand years of history and an amazing vista to look back down upon the Forbidden City. Further north, we traveled to Beihai Park and Jade Flower Island to view the White Dagoba. We finished our visit at the park with a stop at the Nine Dragon Screen.

We concluded the day with Chinese barbecue (meat on a stick) and a bus ride back to The King’s Joy Hotel.

Beihai Panoramic

Grace and Caroline Make Friends

The Kunming group in front of the Forbidden City.

Boys in Gugong

On Top of Jingshan

Journaling at the Temple

Journaling in Beihai Park


Smiles for miles in the Forbidden City



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