Flying into a Storm

February 11, 2010
So I’m in Copper right now, but I know flights to the Eastern seaboard are being canceled…!

I’m here with Lauren Tamposi ’10, and the video on this Glog is of Lauren’s winning run at the USSA Revolution Tour. Enjoy.
For those who know, her run was Backside 3 – straight air, nose grab – backside 5…….

Well that’s it for my post, and wish us luck for getting back east.

All the Best
Chris D


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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Chris & Lauren

  2. Avatar Anonymous says:


  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Awesome run, LaurenUncle "Bumpy"

  4. Avatar Melanie says:

    Yeaahhh Buddy!!! WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA! -your favorite sister

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