Firsts and Last Firsts

December 15, 2012

After reading Alec’s post, I was reminded of a post written by a former glogger last year about her senior year and the bittersweet moments of “first lasts”. Last first formal dinner of the year, last Snowball, last first soccer game, last soccer game, last first ski race. Although I am not a senior myself, I have many friends in the class of ’13 that will depart Gould and move on to do great things. Tomorrow is not only the last Snowball for many at Gould, but also, for a few ski racers, the last first ski race of their high school careers. (Also my first ski race of the season)

I’m gonna keep this one short, I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow (I am NOT a morning person).

Here’s to the seniors that are celebrating their last firsts and first lasts. It seems like so long until graduation but if I have learned in my time at Gould, it’s that time flies. Good luck to all the skiers tomorrow and I can’t wait to see everyone all dressed up for Snowball.

see you next week!


Just an attractive bunch of seniors that will be celebrating their last Snowball tomorrow.


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