First Tennis Match

April 18, 2013

Hello, everyone.

I wanted to talk about JV Boys Tennis’ first match of year, which happened yesterday. It was also the first tennis match I’ve ever played. I had never played tennis before last year when I started playing tennis as a spring sport in Gould. I think it’s a great thing that Gould and other schools in U.S. have JV or the third team so that students who can’t make it to varsity can play and compete; it generates a positive attitude which values efforts and participation just as much as ability. I also believe it helps communication among students.

Since this was my first match, my partner Demetri and I got nervous and we did not do as well as we hoped to, especially in the first set. I could not get in but one serve the first set and we were shut out 6-0 (embarrassing, I know). We actually played better in the second set (this time, I could get all of my serves in except for 2 or 3) although we lost 6-2 in the end. It was a defeat, but I know that we got something out of the experience. I hope to keep playing and improving.

See you next week,

Min Jae


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