First Student Meeting

December 13, 2013

We met as a full 9th grade group on Tuesday and shared with students the purpose of the Gould Four Point trip and an overview of the details. Here is a link to the presentation.

So, what is the school like that the Gould students will be visiting?  The Tumaini Junior School is an amazing institution, and I encourage you to click on the newsletter to get a fuller description of it.  During Winter Parents’ Weekend Mr. Ruby and I will meet with you to review the trip, questions about medicine administration, and travel. For now, it is important to ensure your child’s passport is valid and on ready to be submitted to Gould and that the health form is filled our you are taking care of the health form individually. We will be collecting supplies to bring to the school, so please start collecting gently used backpacks and croc like shoes of any size. The more the better!

TJS newsletter


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