First of Many

October 6, 2010

As a blogger now I have fallen under my own scrutiny.  True writing has become scarce in the world that we live in and is being replace with LOL this and OMG that.  Unfortunately it almost seems that people are starting to get dumber and dumber, even as we have all of this amazing technology.  Internet was supposed to set us free, help democratize the world, but really all its given us is a chance to lose brain activity.  Writing has turned into fragments with no grammar, no punctuation, it is only blogging, IMing and Facebooking.  I wonder how many people would truly know that I chose to ignore the use of the Oxford Comma before “and Facebooking,” but probably not, as gammer and punctuation is deemed unnecessary for what we people now call writing.  To someone who lived 100 years ago, or even my grandfather, this talking (using the word talking may be a little generous), or blogging, or texting, or togging resembles more of what caveman used to speak than what we call English.  Now, one can say that I am part of the problem, which is a very valid statement; I blog with the best of them.  I fell into the trap that this modern world that we live in so sneakily, so slyly, sets.  Now even I start to text without punctuation, without proper english.  But why? The answer: because whats the need?  It has become a commonplace in the new technological world that I live in to abbreviate everything and take the easy way out, and ignore the King’s English.  Now this article may have sounded negative, because indeed it was.  However, it is a beautiful night at Gould Academy, and I am truly happy to be here writing for this Blog and in the process, manage to expand my self-loathing for succumbing to the ways of the stupidity of the technological world.  For the rest of the year, I will do my best to try to share my point of view on the events at Gould while also trying not to sound like an idiot speaking a pseudo language, and do you guys a favor by adding a period every once in a while.  I promise that next week will be less technical and more of what a blog is supposed to be about.  I will write about things going on here that I love, and I will also write about things that I hate and vent.  I hope you guys will like what I have to say about my life at Gould for the rest of the year, as that is what you will be seeing every Wednesday.

Thanks a lot for reading

Alex Cooperstone


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  1. Avatar Chris and Helen says:

    Nice one Alex, setting a new standard in writing on the Glog. I will try and keep up. And is it the Queens English or the Kings English, I was never sure….!?!?

    • Avatar Alex says:

      I’ve heard both expressions, but I just looked it up and I guess the original expression is the Queen’s English, referring to the proper way of speaking and writing.

  2. Avatar Chris and Helen says:

    I just thought it changed when there was a King or Queen. So right now it would be Queens, but Kings English if there was a ruling king….Looking fwd 2 ur nxt post.

  3. Avatar Shifrin, Sara says:

    Yahoo for insight and eloquence. The OMG, LOL, BTW is rampant in the blogosphere and needs to be checked every now and then. Check out the book The Shallows in the library and ask yourself Carr’s question: “Is Google Making us Stoopid?”

    Well done on the post. Clearly you have been influenced by all the King’s English which surrounds you in the library.

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