First Nordic Race

January 12, 2009

Welcome Back,

I hope everyone had a restful vacation. I enjoyed most of my vacation here in Bethel working at Sunday River teaching kids to snowboard. When I wasn’t working I did some night skiing at Sunday River, and enjoyed an opening night ride on the new Chondola
The first week back was a long one, it took a few days to get back into the schedule, but the weekend was soon upon us. I competed in my first ever Nordic ski race. I was the third leg in a four person team where every team member skied a 5km loop before tagging the next member. I was very nervous because I have only been Nordic skiing for few weeks. The superb coaching of Nellis, Clarke, and Kamilewicz allowed for me to have a successful race, I didn’t crash. Telestar’s course had two mammoth hills but, the Gould teams pulled though with strong finishes. 
Back to school also means more pottery. We are now throwing jars of all shapes and sizes. This is new challenge because we are working with more clay(upwards to 10lbs), and for the lids to fit the jars it is key to keep the piece center through out the throwing process. Look for some pictures next week.
Talk to you soon,

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