First Ninth Grade Function: Get Organized to Learn

September 16, 2012

The ninth grade class participated in the first ninth grade function of the year. Each ninth grader was met at the door of Ordway Hall by his/her mentor. The evening started with a game that had everyone asking questions, meeting new people and feeling part of the group.

The group then moved into the dinning area and each mentor sat with his/her ninth grader. The mentor and ninth grader worked through a series of questions to navigate the info-server, talked about how best to use the academic planner, and created a master notebook. The master notebook will be used by all ninth grade teachers to help students organize the many materials given out during class. As I walked around there were many good questions about why to do it this way when I do it his way. Talking about one’s system of organization–its benefits and pitfalls–was a good way for the 9th graders to get insight into the expectations of Gould’s teachers.

We finished the evening with ice cream sundaes that was appreciated and enjoyed by all before heading off to the dorm for the second half of study hall.


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