First College Interview!

January 31, 2013

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry for the late upload, but I had an appointment at 4:30, about which I really wanted to write in Glog.

I am just coming back from a meeting (or an interview, you could say) with a Cornell Ambassador. I was nervous before the meeting; I wondered whether I should do extra research about Cornell and show off my extensive knowledge to the ambassador. I didn’t do that in the end, and I still managed just fine.

The actual meeting itself was very nice (as in I saw that I did not need to be so nervous). I was relaxed and we had great conversations. I thought he would do most of the questioning, but he let me ask questions about Cornell, to which he elaborately answered reflecting on his own time in the school. It turned out as more like a session for me to find out much about living in Cornell and I am very happy with that. There is a limit to what and how much you can learn about a college on a website, but he provided me first hand experience that made me excited about the institution. Whether he gives a favorable recommendation or not and whether it will help much or not are different stories, for it was a valuable experience regardless.

It is also a reminder about the new setting and life (wherever it is) we seniors will have in a few months. College is closer than ever, and I am looking forward to it.

(I thought about taking a picture, but I forgot my camera. So no pictures 🙁 – sorry)

See you next week,

Min Jae


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