First Annual Grandparents’ Day

May 5, 2009

Parents’ weekend is coming up soon, but what about all the people who have grandchildren at Gould? Not long ago Becky Cummings decided we should host a Grandparents’ Day. I don’t think I’m revealing any secrets in sharing that she thought we might have 10-12 grandparents come to campus for the day. Instead we’re looking forward to welcoming 92 grandparents to campus on Tuesday! Ninety Two!

Welcome Grandparents!

Our son has had his own grandparents weekend with a visit from his father’s parents and brother and, the day they left, the arrival of my parents. Nothing makes this 2 year old happier than visits from his grandparents. I hope our Gould students enjoy their grandparents as much as Reiley does. I’m looking forward to meeting them.

A quick Farm and Forest update: All the spring babies are born. We have 3 lambs, Lolly, Licorice, and Lipton. Our 2 cows gave birth to bull calves, Charcoal and Cinders. The Angora bunnies were shorn and plucked a few weeks ago and the students tried their hand at spinning wool. The hens are laying about 24 eggs a day, which are going to the dining hall for weekend brunch and to the Mouse and Bean (a local coffee shop/bakery). We’ve completed a drainage project to improve a small garden, and we’re starting to work the soil in preparation for planting.

Between Trustees meetings, Grandparents visiting, and soon parents too, this place full of energy.

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