finally a winter wonderland

January 14, 2012

Anyone who lives anywhere on Earth knows that so far, this winter has been rough. Just awful. However, in the past couple of days our luck began to change.

The mountain went from looking like this:

a little depressing..

To something along the lines of this:

that's more like it.


Okay, maybe it wasn’t that drastic, but, basically WE GOT SNOW!!

Those of you who know me know that I spend my winters on the mountain as a ski racer. The snow is especially exciting for those of us on the mountain because it means no more “variable conditions”.

So, pray for more snow, and here’s Ella and Sarah happy about the snow:

happy faces

have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Avatar margaret says:

    Great before and after pictures. Looking forward to seeing some snow covering the XC trails as well somewhere across the state. Happy skiing to all and for now I’m going to try out ice skating until the snow comes tomorrow.

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