Last Day at CVA!

August 12, 2012

By Sadie James

From what I heard, today’s workout was awesome: Bounding intervals up Sugarloaf. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take part because of knee problems which are currently keeping me from running.

Instead, I did a skate ski with intervals. I did 10 minutes of L4, alternating between 1 and 2 minutes on, with a 2 minute recovery between each interval. My total workout was around 2 hours, with a 35 minute warm-up which included 2X5 minutes of L3, and a 30 minute cool down. Luckily, my knees were giving me no trouble at all, which was a huge bonus.

It’s really nice to start training again (there wasn’t much time to train in London) and it was awesome to train with a big group. Living in a REALLY rural part of Western Maine, you don’t many athletes who train year round, let alone skiers who want to do a 3 hour OD with you. I do almost all of my training by myself, so it’s really nice to be able to see close friends and train with them for five days. Training with them not only gives me time to catch up and visit, but it allows me to have someone who can push me and teach me (Mainly directed to you, Tara). It’s awesome to see a big group of skiers who are there for the same reason I am.

I’m home now working on college essays and summer reading. I’m headed to Colby tomorrow to have a tour, interview, and meet with the ski coach. Later in the week I’m road tripping out to St. Lawrence with my sister for interviews there, then down to CT to help her move into her apartment. I have interviews at Bates and Bowdoin next week before heading to a family reunion. It’ll be a busy few weeks! Then I’m moving into Gould!! Where has the summer gone!?

I don’t have any pictures from camp, but I’m sure Nick has some that will be up later.



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