Feels Good to be Back

January 26, 2011

First off, I just want to apologize for being so behind with my Glog’s.  Unfortunately I have been sick over the last couple weeks and the luck just wasn’t with me.  It seemed like every Tuesday night and Wednesday I was not in a position to write.  It got to the point where even some of my friends were making fun of the absence of the “Wednesday Whims” in between Tuesday and Thursday.  However, it did give me a slight hint of satisfaction because it gave away that some of my friends may have read a piece or two which I have posted.  But oh how cold it’s been up here in Maine.  It’s the kind of cold that makes you desire spring with every step.  No matter how tough someone is, this kind of cold hurts, physically or mentally.  But in the end, when you look back on a cold day on the mountain, it’s not too bad.  After all the cold just makes the warmth of inside that much better.  I’m not really sure if the other Gloggers are talking about the spirit week this week leading up to winter carnival on Friday, as I don’t really have time to read every single Glog, and I think it helps mine sound more authentic being as it is truly my perspective that way.  But I think this week will truly be a great time.  My favorite part is the dance on Wednesday night.  One might ask why it’s on a weekday and not a weekend, and a great answer would be, what else does someone really have to do during winter carnival on a Wednesday night at 8 pm?  The real answer is nothing.  It’s a chance for everyone to get away from the books for a bit, during this stressful time of the year and just have some fun.  What a good week to be back writing for the Glog.  Maybe next week I’ll have some pictures or something, people sometimes complain about my literature based blog, but I thought that was the point?


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