February is almost here

January 27, 2008

I’m writing now as the snow comes down on Bethel Bethel the City of Dreams, theres nothing like a nice dusting on the campus. It’s getting later and later into the year, it’s crazy to think that it’s almost February. Once it is February, we have only three months of school left, which sounds pretty ridiculous.

For a little sports update, Gould Academy has been doing pretty well lately. Especially on Saturday, when both the Men and Women’s Basketball teams demolished there opponents. Also on Saturday, Sunday River hosted a race and Gould came out very well. Jeff “Scrawny” Lathrop won the Gold and Thacher “Honey T” Stone took home the Silver.

Seeing as how February is coming up, so is the fast approaching 4 point program. Freshman will be flying over to China, Sophomores will be making creations on campus, and Juniors will be hiking mountains through the snow. As for Seniors, we do independent projects. I’m teaming up with my friend Adrian “Tommy Boy” Bouthot and we’re going down south, to Louisville, Kentucky, where we’ll helping a group that’s cleaning up the Mississippi river. The plan may change, in which case we’ll go to New Orleans and help to clean up the damage there.

Also as February comes, whispers and rumors of Winter Carnival are also coming up. The legend competition between Davidson, Holden, Gehring and Day Students. The human sled dog race, the obstacle course, and so many more. This is a very special winter carnival for me, because at the opening event of tobogganing last year, the night before winter carnival, I broke my ankle badly, like real bad. After a lot of thinking though, I’ve decided to go down the toboggan run again. Hopefully I don’t hurt myself again.

Well, that’s about all for this week, thanks again for reading, and stay tuned.


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