January 19, 2014

So the season has been up and down, with powder days, rain, freezing rain, bluebird, and arctic temps. So you might think that with all this weather disruption that Park features would be at a minimum. I mean what resort would commit to supplying a solid 3 jump line before the Holidays? Which Park Crew would work to have a stellar 8 feature park before Thanks Giving? Crazy, huh?

Well, Sunday River would! At last count our mountain was running with 26 features. QUALITY FEATURES.

Our jump count IS 5 (6 if you include Airbag site) Sizes 15ft, 20Ft, 30ft, 40ft, and newly built 50ft.

We have boxes, jibs, 12inch pipe, wallrides, pill bonks, a cannon, flat down double barrel, flat down boxes, etc, etc.

Check out 3 short videos we made, NOTE, not one feature was filmed twice.


Newsflash, I just went to Sunday River Terrain Park page and The Sticks is OPEN, adding another 15 features to the count.

Well done Parks and Pipes Crew.


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