October 27, 2010

Unfortunately this week’s blog will have to be much shorter and much less intellectual than usual. The amount of work that I have on this lovely Tuesday night makes it seem as though the teachers collaborate in order to fulfill soul goal of giving more work when college deadlines are closing in. I will talk about one thing, however, that is present on campus right now; and that is the Freedom from Chemical Dependency workshops. These workshops teach us not to become dependent on chemicals, if somehow confused by the title. On a more serious note I think that these workshops are a great aid to the school and Mr. Manning (a representative from FCD) is truly admirable. This school is my home and I love it, and everyone at this school, even if we aren’t the best of friends, lives and breathes the same air and experiences the same Gould experiences that I do. I would hate to lose any one of you to stupid decisions. So as cool as Mr. Manning is, please take the workshops seriously because I want to end the year with just as many kids as we started with.


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