Favorite Weekend Activities

August 1, 2013

One of the questions that is asked by just about every family that inquires at Gould Academy for their son or daughter is, “What do the kids do on the weekends?”

It is a very important question for a boarding student to know the answer to and a fun question to answer. Weekend activities are one of my favorite things to be a part of here at Gould.  Gould Academy is a busy place on the weekends with all boarding and day students participating in the many offerings for the weekend.

Every weekend there is a group of faculty working with all of the students to facilitate a great weekend. The students come up with ideas, the faculty come up with ideas and amazing things happen. There are so many options that become possible with the varied interests and experience of all the great faculty here at Gould.

Standard activities that you can count on just about every weekend include a movie trip and a shopping trip to Portland, Maine.  Catching up on homework, sleeping in and Gould’s famous Brunch should be counted on during each weekend too.

Professional sporting events, concerts, theater productions, dances, foreign films, canoeing, community service opportunities, camping, hiking, star gazing, athletic events, swimming, skiing, skating, art walks, biking, singing, cooking, trips to Canada, trips to Boston, trips to NYC, dining out, sledding, saunas, camp fires, special snacks, mystery trips and more are also added on any given weekend throughout the year.

When I am on the weekend crew I look to find out what  students are interested in participating in an adventurous activity that will be fun, that will push them, teach them something new and inspire them to continue to come up with new things that they may not have thought they could or would do at Gould Academy or any where else for that matter.

Surfing, downhill mountain biking, sleeping under a full moon, rock climbing, rappelling, ice climbing have been some of my favorite weekend activities to lead and I look forward to listening to what the students want to do this fall and doing my best to deliver a great experience for them.

For students past, present and future that are reading this blog, I’d love to hear your comments on what you think were or would be your greatest weekend experiences. Have a great summer.




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  1. Avatar Liam Gillis says:

    Surfing trip last spring was one of the best weekend trips of all time. I will definitely be going on it agian this fall and spring.

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