Fall? Winter? A most awkward time of the year…

November 7, 2013

Happy Thursday Everybody!

It’s that awkward season between fall and winter here at Gould.  The leaves are off the trees, but the snow has yet to fall.  Sunday River is open, but the chairlift ride up to the snow lasts longer than the run back down to the mid station.  Uggs and winter jackets are commonly mixed with sweatshirts, flip flops and Sperrys.  Exams creep up on us students every day, but teachers are still assigning tests, essays, and projects to occupy our diminishing time.  The walk over to dinner after class is shrouded in darkness, along with the stroll to breakfast, a sure sign of winter.  And maybe most importantly, trophies have begun arriving back on campus along with victorious sports teams.

In a shocking overturn, the Gould men’s varsity cross country team seized the MAISAD title for the first time in four years, thundering past Hyde for the trophy. The men’s JV team finished second, with the women’s team making the podium at third.  The entire cross country team will advance to the New England Championships this Saturday at the Marianapolis Preparatory school in Connecticut.  Wish the team luck before they leave.

Cross Country taking home the MAISAD trophy!

Cross Country taking home the MAISAD trophy! (Photo creds to Mrs. Leff)


The mountain bike teams, both men’s and women’s, won the New England Prep School Division I championships.  Varsity women’s soccer recently beat Hyde in the MAISAD semifinals, and advance to the finals against Hebron, this Saturday here at Gould.  Come and show your support!  The men’s varsity team unfortunately suffered a narrow defeat away at Hyde during the semifinal match.

I’ll leave you with a video produced by Gould’s own videographer, Mr. Gilman, on the girl’s soccer win last Wednesday.

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