Fake Friday

November 6, 2015



Hello everyone, and happy Friday!

As your Friday-glogger, I feel the need to get you excited for the upcoming weekend, and I would love to! BUT, as someone who isn’t going to experience a true weekend, it isn’t as easy to get you psyched up as it sounds.

At Gould, we have things called “fake Fridays.” A “fake Friday” happens when Gould students are getting ready for Saturday classes, athletic events, and various other Saturday commitments, while the rest of the world is getting excited for their final day of the work/school week before the thrill of the weekend.

This week in particular, not only has a “fake Friday” BUT ALSO a “fake Saturday”!! As a senior, I’ve experienced this week (the never-ending week before exams), 7 times so far, (holy smokes!) and it never fails to pass at a snails pace. This week includes tests or projects in pretty much every class, as well as Saturday classes, then the “Ordway Study Extravaganza” on Sunday, and then right back into the next school week.

Needless to say, we don’t stop thinking about school for 12 days straight!

So, if you find yourself getting excited for your Friday night and the weekend’s plans, good for you! You have many student’s sitting in the Gould library that are envious of you!

FINALLY, I’m going to start a new trend for each of my glog-posts: a song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. On the menu this week: Friday by Rebecca Black

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Hang in there! Real Friday’s will return:) Good luck on exams…..

  2. Avatar Martha Yules says:

    great blog and yes that is an obnoxious song!

  3. Avatar doug alford says:

    I like your idea for a song! I think I’m going to put one in MY Glog, and tell everyone that you stole my idea. No one will know the truth (except all of the people who can read it here)!!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!

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