Faculty Kids Bring Child Development to Life

March 28, 2012

(Guest post from Dr. Brad Clarke, chair Gould Academy history department.)

Our senior elective Psychology class had some very special guests this week. Faculty and staff children:  Penelope Kimball, Riley Hedden-Wilkerson, Gwendolyn Stack, and Harrison Kimball!

Mirina and Penelope talk colors.

Our class is currently studying developmental psychology and as six-year old Harrison put it, “the students are studying how we think.”

Harrison, Riley, Tutu and Jamie building towers.

The Psychology students designed an observation sheet based around developmental characteristics such as sensory-motor stage, stranger anxiety, conservation, concrete operational stage, etc.

The students observed the youngsters playing and asked them questions.

Margaret, Gwendolyn, Mrs. Donovan and Ms. Stack talk child development.

Even very young Gwendolyn seemed to really enjoy the attention of the high schoolers.

It was a fun morning for young and old alike!


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