Nina Tracy

April 7, 2021
Nina Tracy Nina has worked in healthcare settings as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 18 years and joined the Gould community with enthusiasm in the spring of 2021. Her partner, Matt, is the night watchman on campus,…Read More

Todd Walker

March 31, 2021
Todd Walker Todd started working at Gould in 2014 and recently returned after a brief hiatus because he loves the community here so much. He lives in Woodstock, and when he is not working, he enjoys being…Read More

Jessica Adams

September 10, 2020
Jessica Adams Jessica started at Gould in 2020. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of her work and interacting with the students. She lives in Mason Township, and in her free time, Jessica enjoys hiking and biking with…Read More

Tammy White

February 17, 2020
Tammy White Tammy has been at Gould since 2008 and enjoys her role as a housekeeper because of the great people and students here. She lives in Peru, and when she is not working she enjoys being…Read More

Shannon Sumner

shannon sumner Shannon started at Gould in 2000 and enjoys getting to know the students at Gould as well as the variety in his work. He lives in Albany Township and is a member of the Bethel…Read More

Kathy Mason

Kathy Mason Kathy has been at Gould since 1994 and truly enjoys her work because she cares so much about the students. She lives in Greenwood, and in her free time, she enjoys gardening and her grandchildren.Read More

Brenda Hurd

Brenda Hurd Brenda has been working with the Buildings and Grounds team since 2012. She enjoys the people here and takes particular pride in her works as our groundskeeper. She and her fiancé, Mick, have three kids…Read More

Ruthy Hebert

ruthy hebert Ruthy has been working in the housekeeping department at Gould since 2011 and truly enjoys being around the students. She lives in West Paris with her husband, Tony, and enjoys spending time with her son…Read More

Alvin “Joe” Gross

Alvin Joe Goss Joe truly enjoys his work at Gould because he loves the people and the beautiful campus. He lives in Bethel, and in his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and doing forestry work.Read More