F is for Formal

October 19, 2011

Hello all and welcome back to another episode of the Wednesday Glog Post! I know I’m technically supposed to write about Wednesdays, but this week’s post will be featuring a Tuesday classic: FORMAL DINNER (YAAAAAYYYY!!!)

For those of you who are a little unfamiliar to the concept of a formal dinner, allow me to enlighten you. Formal dinner happens once a week here at the Academy, on Tuesday evening from 6-7pm. Some fun facts about formal dinner are that:

  • It IS required
  • It gives girls the chance to dress up and look nice
  • It forces guys to put on a tie and jacket
  • It gives you an opportunity to sit at a table with people you might have never met/talked to before and, yes, TALK to them
How are we forced to interact with people we may have never met before you may ask? Basically, every student’s name at school is put into a fancy computer program that mixes them up and spits back out random groups of names, which become your table assignment for the month. So, you really don’t ever know what you’re gonna get, which always makes things interesting.
So what DOES go on at your typical formal dinner? Well, luckily for you I took my camera to last night’s extravaganza and between people hiding behind their hands when I asked to get some pictures and others getting angry when I WASN’T taking pictures, I did manage to capture some spectacular images. Here are some things that aren’t all that unlikely to see at a typical Gould formal dinner:
Some spoon-hanging (pure talent from the one and only Mr. Alford)
Some good balancing skills (also pure talent from the one and only Alec Manning)
some happy faces….
and some not so much.
a couple of good lookin’ tray carriers
and who could forget the “coffee-before-dessert” maddness
There you have it folks, just another Tuesday night here at the G.A.
Catch ya next week,

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  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    Great post Izzy! It made me feel like I was there! Wait…

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