Exciting Times at Gould Academy!

November 5, 2012

Hi Everyone,

The mountain bike season may be over, but excitement is far from gone in my life!

I have 13 days to prove myself worthy of my classes, and of the colleges I’ve applied to/will apply to! (AH!) This also marks the end of the term, and a two week break involving copious amounts of skiing to be done. So I think I can deal. However, I can’t believe it’s flying by that fast! I really hope the next two terms go a little slower, I feel like I’ve been in a full on mental sprint from day 1!

On the topic of skiing, we have low temps, and Sunday River is trying to capitalize! They have 100+ snowguns blowing the fluffy white stuff on the mountain right now, as I type, so skiing is inevitable! I couldn’t be happier!!! I honestly can’t wait to strap a pair of boards to my feet and go rushing down the mountain. There have been some early speculations on when we’ll be hopping on a bus in the afternoon, but I’m gonna keep that a secret! 🙂

Next, I completed my last mandatory physical testing for skiing today! Four years of this testing, and I am not forced to do another box jump! (Don’t worry, Parker, Mr. Godomsky, Mr. Simard, Matt, or any other coaches that might be reading this! I’m not throwing in the towel yet!). It was almost sad to watch that slip through in a short hour. Eh, I’ll give them another shot in the spring!

Also, I hit the button on my Common App this week! Wow, it’s a huge weight off of my shoulders! It feels great to have applied, and not worrying about my college essays anymore. Now, my fate rests in others hands (disconcerting), but I’m sure things will work out great!

Well, it’s time for me to get some rest. I’ll be focusing on my work for the next couple of weeks, hoping to finish strong! Try to find these fun, great, exciting things in your life! It really helps to show yourself that you’ve got it really good! Whether it’s a $5 bill you found on the sidewalk last week, or the hike you’re really looking forward to next weekend, it’ll help you survive the week!

Take it easy!



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