Exam Week(s) and Snow: Proving Yourself On and Off the Mountain

November 12, 2012

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week!

As you all probably know, it’s officially exam week. Starting Wednesday, we have reading day, then 5 days of exams(or three in my case), and we are free for  a two week break! It seems like a big hurdle to conquer right now, but I’ve climbed higher mountains. 🙂

For the last few days, I’ve had the pleasure of taking one of my favorite activities back up: Skiing! Over just a few days, I’ve been skiing 5 times, taken 32 runs, hiked up once (new skis and skins worked great, earn your turns is starting up this week!) and had quite a few smiles appear on my face. We’re looking at some rain early on in the week, but if the cold comes fast enough it could be a good thing. I’m just looking forward to Sunday, my dot 6 freedot exam where I’ll be able to head up to the mountain and ski (dot 7 band isn’t something that I can study for too much (: ). Also, a friend is coming back from college so I’ll do some biking and music making with them after hiking up for a couple of runs!

I’m looking forward to another season of proving myself on the mountain, and proving myself this week in exams. Should be a good time, and I’m working my butt off studying for it right now.

Anyways, if you get the chance, gather up your ski equipment, and come to Bethel! Sunday River and all of its branches (Snowmaking, Grooming, Management, Park Crew, Ski Patrol and liftees, to name a few) have been doing a bang-up job making the mountain as good as it can possibly be. The skiing has been incredible, and it’s been on an upswing from the start! If you’re reading this and you’re a part of Sunday River opening up this early, and being this good, Thank you very much!


Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week. Put a smile on, and when a challenge appears, grin and bear it! Good luck in all of your pursuits! Next week’s glog post will be a good one!

Think blue skies and happy trails!



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