Exam Week Advice: Breathe!

November 11, 2013

Hello Glogworld!


Here at Gould we are just about to head into finals week: AAAAHHHHH!! Not only is it crazy that the Fall Trimester is coming to a quick end, with sport championships (shout out to XC boys for winning NEPSACS on Saturday!) and starting to think about winter sports, but it’s also very stressful because exams start on Friday!


So, to get us started on the right foot I’d like to share Ms. Shifrin’s Exam Week Advice to the Glogworld. I’ve gone around and asked a few students for their own advice they would like all of you Gloggies to know!
Here we go:

Gould Student #1: Don’t stress too much! You’ll have plenty of time to study 🙂


Gould Student #2: Get lots of rest- sleeeeeeeep!


Gould Student #3: Go skate as much as you can! (or whatever it is you do to get away)


Gould Student #4: Eat good food!


Gould Student #5: Take study breaks! (Erin’s Cafe anyone?)


Gould Student #6: Plan ahead- know what you need to do and do it!


Gould Student #7: Look out for you roommate(s)! Help them keep their stress low too!


Gould Student #8: Hug a faculty pet!


Gould Student #9: Go to office hours! It’s the best thing you can do- learn when your          teachers are offering extra help and actually go.


Gould Student #10: These exams do not determine your life. Breathe


Gould Student #11: Drink tea, do some yoga, and listen to your favorite songs 🙂


Gould Student #12: Find a study buddy! Chances are you can help them and they can help you


Gould Student #13: Be thankful for study hour snacks! They’re awesome 🙂


Gould Student #14: Don’t fall into the Netflix trap! You can watch all the movies you want during break!


Gould Student #15: Stay organized. But really, it helps.


That’s all for this week! Good luck and talk to you all after break! (If you’re lucky I may even post during break)



Buddha Quote of the Week:

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Buddha


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