Everyone, Meet Mr. Zee Krstic!

May 20, 2013

Hi Everyone!

For my glog this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Zee, a fellow glogger! Unfortunately I couldn’t get a video together, but here are Zee’s thoughts on books, desert islands and life at Gould! (for space’s sake, I’ll refer to myself as J throughout the dialogue of the interview.)

Zee(Far right) pictured with his two sisters. Photo Credit to Zee.


J: First off, could I get your name, graduation year and hometown?

Zee: Zee Krstic, Class of 2013, I was born and raised in Manhattan, NYC

J: Awesome! Have you decided which college you will be attending, and what you will major in?

Zee: The University of Florida ’17, and I’m majoring in Journalism with a focus in writing.

J: Now for some harder questions: What’s your favorite color?

Zee: That’s a hard one! I would say it’s a two way tie between midnight blue and grey… But if I had to decide I would say blue.

J: Those are good choices! Next, if you could read only one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Zee: Hmm! Another hard one. I would say the book White Oleander by Janet Fitch: it’s a stunning novel that grips with issues of finding one’s identity and self-worth in a modern setting, and I would definitely say that I see a lot of myself in the novel’s protagonist, Astrid. I think the novel overall is relatable to everyone as we’ve all had to find who ‘we’ are in terms of society at one point or another.

J: Awesome! Next: You’re stuck on a desert island. You can bring only one person, one meal (Which you’ll have for breakfast, lunch and dinner) and one object. Who/ what do you bring?

Zee: Another hard one! For the person, I would definitely bring my sister Soleil. We have been on many adventures together with my other sister, Gianna, and have had lots of fun: I know we would keep each other laughing because she is my best friend and I love both of them to dath. For my meals, SUSHI!!!!! I’m a huge sushi and sashimi freak so I would absolutely love eating it 24/7. I’m also a huge Diet Coke person, so hopefully I could snag some of that too (with lemon!). My object would be easy: my iPod. I’m sure Gouldies know I can’t live without music: I have my iPod on and an earbud in at all times. I love music and life would NOT be the same without it.

J: Good Calls.  What is your favorite memory at Gould?

Zee: Now, that’s one I simply cannot answer! But, as a general rule, I really enjoy trips that we take as a school. For those who’ve been reading my posts this year, I’ve talked a lot about weekend activities because I really think that those are the times when memories are made: Like going to the beach with Ms. Hughes, Midnight Madness with Mrs. Oliver, College trips with Mrs. Kimball in her ‘swagger’ wagon, and even trips to the Old Port with friends.

J: Last but not least, if you could give one piece of advice to incoming students next year, what would it be?

Zee: Don’t be afraid to try new things! Gould pushes you in many ways, but the reward is certainly worth the risk!

– end dialogue –

So there you have it, folks! You now hopefully know more about Zee than you did at the beginning of this glog. Thanks again, Zee, for the interview and also for being such a great part of our team!

Have a great week everyone!




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    Nice… it is the Jayzee interview. Great job John!

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