Everyone is Off

February 22, 2008

Well, I’m very sorry for the lateness of this entry, my/our week has been a little hectic. As well as it being Feb vacation for the real world, which multiplies Helen’s work load by 500%.
Everyone at Gould is
prepping to do 4 point.

I just received an email, letting us know that the whole Freshman class have landed in China, not very many people in the world can write that line, I feel very proud to be part of a community, that gives me the privilege to do so. Awesome….!!

Juniors at eating their last meals, before they head into the woods for an adventure of a lifetime. The sophomores will stay on campus and work on arts projects and do local community work. I wonder what the art installation will be this year…?
My 2 past years favorites are, the mosaic in Davidson lobby, and the long
hangy thing in Gehring.
The seniors will be heading out tomorrow to do what seniors do, with I think 75% have completed their 4 point already, so my message to the those that are done. Have fun and stay safe.
Well that’s all from me for now, and if your a parent of a present student at Gould, enjoy. Because went want them back in a month…

Chris & Helen


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