EVERYONE: Do a Snow Dance!

December 18, 2015


A common subject of discussion around New England right now is snow. People everywhere are wondering why we are still having 50 degree days with rain. I can say that I’m one of these people. As a skier, a lack of snow doesn’t really slow me down, it just adds loads of uncertainty. Gould skiers still go up to the mountain everyday and make the best of the situation. We make due with the snow that there is at Sunday River, because after all, it’s one of the only ski resorts open in New England. I do have to say though, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get into the holiday spirit when I walk outside and see a great deal of green grass and mud.



Winter last year


As Elise mentioned earlier this week, Gould is trying it’s best to dress itself up in holiday spirit, and my mom is doing her best with my house, but what is it going to take for me to fully indulge into Christmas cheer? Will it be a marathon session of Christmas movies? Or a never-ending playlist of Christmas music? Good thing we’re on break — I’m open to suggestions.


Now I’m encouraging anyone reading this to do a snow dance and cross your fingers that we at least get a dusting of the white stuff for Christmas. Because who likes a white Christmas? Definitely me. (and you should too!)




One of the songs that always gets stuck in my head around Christmas time is, Where are you Christmas? from the Grinch. Enjoy!


Talk to ya later,



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