Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

March 25, 2014

Today was another full day.  We began with a class on Beijing Opera, complete with painting our own opera masks.  The modern interpretations of classic mask design got pretty interesting.  Then it was off to PE class and a lesson in kung fu.  We learned different positions and then each group of students, including our kids, had to demonstrate what they had learned.  Some picked it up more quickly then others.  After lunch we headed out on the town, with a trip to the Maritime Museum and the Shaolin Monastery.  The students were very intrigued by how young some the students at the monastery were.  Many were the age of our group or younger. Here is a glimpse of what the day looked like.

Beijing Opera Masks

Mask Painting

Joe Paints his Mask

Grace at Work

Sean Masking

Jordan Paints

Grace and Joon in MasksGrace and Joon

George and Ella Show Their Handiwork

Kung Fu Lessons

Joon Warms UpJoon Warms Up

Jordan and Grace Kung FuGrace and Jordan in Sync

Joe Kung FuJoe in Action

Ella and Kim Kung FuElla and Kim Learn from the Master

Ella Kim and Sean Kung FuThen Demonstrate What They Learned, with Sean

George and Sam with Their TeacherGeorge and Sam with Their Teacher

At the Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Shaolin Monastery

Shaolin Temple

Sam and George Seek EnlightenmentSam and George Seek Enlightenment


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    Thanks for all the news and photos! So great.

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