Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting….

March 24, 2015

It was another full day in Quanzhou! The day started with Chinese traditional art and a chance to share their work. The day then shifted to physical activity. Our students watched the setting-up exercises. This involves 1,000 students going for a jog around campus at the same time! Amazing! Our students then joined the PE class: Chinese Kung Fu. They practiced Kung Fu for 40 minutes and were pretty into it! Everyday our students go home with their hosts for lunch. Before they went home today they had some free time to play basketball and soccer. After lunch we all went to the Quanzhou Maritime Museum and the Shaolin Temple. We parted ways at 5:30 when our students went home with their hosts. I have never seen a group connect so quickly and naturally. It’s wonderful to see! We are all looking forward to a tour of Qingyuan Mountain tomorrow morning! It was another full day in Mountain tomorrow morning!


Kung fu warm up exercises



Really getting into it with the game face on.


The Shaolin Temple


Madeline and her new friends. Look at that smile!


The entrance of the Quanzhou Maritime Museum





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