Winning Essays Showcase Students’ Ability to Think Globally

September 2, 2016


Bill Taylor Essay Contest

Congratulations to Alejandra Pardos ’16 who won 1st place in the Bill Taylor essay contest for the Camden Conference for International Affairs last month and to Eli Kurtz ’16 and Cole Lusk ’16 who tied for 3rd place.

Dr. Brad Clarke, Associate Dean of Academics and History Department Chair brought four of his students to the conference which attracts speakers from all over the world every February and is held in Camden, Maine.

Meet the winners and read their essays below . . . 

Dr. Clarke’s AP Comparative Government students wrote their essays focusing on one specific challenge that confronts Sub-Saharan Africa today, taking the people, the planet and economic viability (politics, environment, society & economy) into consideration. The essayists were challenged to make a recommendation to resolve the issue.

Pan Africanism and the Road to an African Renaissance
Pardos Lopez-Blanco_Alejandra

First place Winner: Alejandra Pardos Lopez-Blanco

Envision a billion begging palms turning into a billion rising fists. This is the symbol of Pan Africans as they celebrate the unification of their land. It is the proclamation of the rebirth of a silent continent after many centuries of slavery, colonialism, and economic instability. Pan Africanism has set in motion the renaissance of the African continent as a whole by challenging the status quo of colonial traditions. Its social, economic and political models are the driving forces for this change. In the past centuries the African continent has suffered from the Read More

Africa’s Biodiversity and Quintessential Solutions for the Future

Cole Lusk Tied for Third Place

Philipus A. Paracelsus once stated, “Once a disease has entered the body, all parts which are healthy must fight it: not one alone, but all.” This statement portrays how our respective bodies respond to disease, but also provides insights into how our societies should respond to disease. One action humanity can not afford to take is to detach itself from humanitarian need. Just as our immune system works within our bodies to eliminate disease unilaterally, we as a society must develop methods that fight for those not healthy enough to fight. Read More

Food and Water Security in Africa

Eli Kurtz Tied for Third Place

As a continent, Africa is fast approaching a critical point. What remains to be seen however, is whether it will be a tipping point, or a crisis. Democratization, economic stability, human rights, and other key topics are springing up fast. But, much like a house, there needs to a be a strong foundation if anything is to be built in the future. Food and water are some such foundation issues, and securing them is an objective that needs to be confronted immediately. The continent is predicted to have a 23% decrease in annual rainfall by 2100 Read More


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