Enjoying Last Year’s Snow!

November 21, 2013


Foret has been a Thanksgiving training ground for years offering solid skiing.  Over the years of coming here I have skied on as much as 30km of groomed trails and as little as 500 meters. This year Foret stepped up there game and saved snow over the summer.  For those non skiing fanatics it may seem crazy, though for me it is a dream come true.  Canmore Alberta has proven the reliability of snow saving, now in there fifth year opening in October. Foret followed suit saving a huge pile of snow under wood chips and spreading it out November 1st.  So far on this trip there is very little natural snow, in years past we would have been on a 500 meter loop, today we skied on a 1.3km loop!!

Pile Of snow from Last Winter


Pictures of skiing today!









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