The Little Things

February 22, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

I think last week Courtney glogged about the little things that make you, you. This week, I want to talk about the little things that motivate you to get through the day.

For those alumni out there, you are fully aware of how busy the winter is here at Gould. Alpine racers and snowboarders are gone every weekend, nordic skiers are also gone, almost everyone else is at the mountain at least 5 days a week, and to cap it all of, it’s typically in the low teens every day. Especially now as we approach the end of the term, everyone is just exhausted. Not to mention the campus is finally recovering from a varied strain of the Bubonic Plague that affected just about everyone (it was a coughing, sneezing, congestion kind of thing).

So, that sets the scene for campus! Now I want to share with you something that helps me get through. It’s the little things. These little things vary in shape and size. Just yesterday morning, there were “Lucky Charms” at breakfast, and I couldn’t resist! I had a bowl along with the usual hard boiled eggs and fruit. This made all the difference for me throughout the day. From breakfast on, I wasn’t grumpy, I wasn’t annoyed, I wasn’t even as tired as usual! When I was feeling like over-done toast, a little thing went a long way.

Another little thing is a kind word said to you. This year is my first year of nordic skiing. I actually have no idea what I’m doing. When I walked into the ski room the other morning, I didn’t want anything more than to go home and go back to sleep. I was feeling the affects of February. As I was being told what we are doing for practice, I felt any remaining form of motivation draining from me. But then, Evan (’15) came up to me and told me how excited he was that I was at practice that day. Evan (’15), has become a good friend of mine throughout the ski season.  We started off not really knowing each other, and we have really developed a friendship. But, once Evan (’15), said this to me, suddenly I knew that I could do it. I knew that I was going to go out skiing, and I was going to have fun. I was correct. That day, Evan and I went tearing around the trails laughing and having a great time. We even had one of our trademark intellectual conversations, which are typically about controversial topics in American politics.

Now, I have a request for all of you. Since you can’t be someone’s bowl of Lucky Charms, be someone’s Evan. Say that little something that makes a person’s day a little brighter. I want all of you to go out into your everyday lives and help someone get through his/her day if they aren’t feeling up to the challenges of the day. I hope you can all do this, because you never know how much of an impact you might have on someone’s life.

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  1. Avatar doug alford says:

    Alec, your willingness to spontaneously speak with me in Spanish throughout the year makes you one of my “Evans.” come to think of it, “Evan” is also one of my “Evans!”

    p.s. I love Lucky Charms too.

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