Ending Points

March 4, 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later- J Kerney snaked my GLOG idea! Not really, of course, but right now the most exciting thing on campus IS the return of the juniors from an 8-day winter camping trip. If you read yesterday’s GLOG you saw John’s update. These juniors do have a lot to be proud of- the snow was DEEP! So deep that even with snowshoes the leader sank several feet. And it was cold- one night temps dipped to 20 below (Fahrenheit). And it was windy. One thing they didn’t have to contend with (fortunately) is rain! They missed it by a day. Maybe spring is coming after all… today’s forecast calls for rain, ice, and snow. What a lovely mess- I’m sure the crocuses are patiently waiting.

Our little town made national news! After checking my Yahoo email I scanned the Yahoo top news stories. Headlines included speculation about who will win the democratic primaries, whether Chaves will incite war in South America, and whether troop withdrawal will create instability in Iraq. And there, among the headlines, “Town in Maine constructs world’s tallest ‘snowwoman.’” She is “Olympia,” the pride of Bethel! She’s been attracting visitors from far and near, just like the former “world’s tallest snowman,” Angus, who was also built in Bethel.

In campus news, the sophomores created some wonderful art pieces last week. My favorites were the Passamoquoddy baskets, the creative book/sculptures, and the kites. The juniors are home or traveling today, and the freshmen class is expected to arrive from China tonight. I’m looking forward to their stories!
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