End of the Term…almost

November 15, 2015

As the term comes to an end, a few quick thoughts based on three pictures:

advisees square

I love exam week because the time schedule is a bit different. There is a bit more openness in the day to do things. One of the things I got to do was go out to dinner with my advisees to celebrate the end of the term. I also got my ears lowered as my grandfather used to say. One of the other gloggers to me my new hair cut made me look like a dad.  Not quite sure how to take that.

end of term square

The term may be done for the students, but for the teachers, not so much. We still have grading, commenting and meeting to do. This is some of the work that I received this term. My students generally did a great job this term and I am very proud of all of them.

marcus squareFinally, this is Marcus. Marcus should be in class (inside joke) but instead is headed to Canada to nordic ski for this week. Yesterday, Marcus and the Cross Country running team were at NEPSACs ( the New England Private School Athletic Conference Championships). The Varsity and JV boys both came in 2nd in their races, lead by Marcus’ 8th place finish. Marcus is really fast. Speed, Marcus, speed.

Now back to grading…



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