End of Term StrugGle.

February 22, 2016

The struggle is real people.

brooke asleep square

Glogger Brooke demonstrating how many of us are feeling at the moment.

Sorry I have gone dark for the past few weeks. I know I said I would write about the creative process at some point… but the muses of writing and time have not been kind.  So I am not going to write about creativity… yet. It will come. Creativity on a schedule is a tricky beast.

Instead I want to share some pictures from Rugrats.

Each winter a group of Gould students spend their sports period three days a week teaching skiing to local elementary school students. It is a great partnership between Gould, Crescent Park School, and Sunday River. Our students learn a lot about themselves and form great bonds with the students.

mountain edited

This is our classroom three days a week. Rough life…

ella with her group square

Ella and her groups have fun…

ella and rina's group square

…sometimes get a bit silly…

ella is a little teapot square

but always work to get better at skiing. Ella is a little teapot. Shout, Ella, shout!

cath and rina's group square

Cath and Rina stop to smile before heading down the trail!

elise sharing almost square

Elise shares with her student during snack time.

caroline goggling square

Caroline helps her student get goggles on so they can shred down the mountain.

moon and friend square

I got to ride the lift one day with Moon and his student. They were having a great down snowboarding.

Alex getting ready almost square

Alex gets ready!

Super Alex square Alex is a super teacher! Fly, Alex, fly.

Until next week… hopefully.


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