Encaustic Painting with George Mason.

February 23, 2011

Students began working with a group of visiting artists today. Sophomores were presented with five workshop options that included, metal smithing with Eric Ziner, building a bamboo bike with Marty Odlin , who graduated from Gould in 2000, encaustic painting with George Mason, cooking, with another Gould alumni, Dustin Holzweiss, and an acting class with CJ Lewis.

Students jumped right into working.

During the encaustic painting workshop students began the day exploring the material. Encaustic painting is a form of printmaking where an artist melts colored wax on flat heating devices, they can then transfer the wax image on to paper. Above Ella experiments with how the material works.

George Mason, the instructor for this workshop, showed students his own work and what he accomplishes with the material.  It is remarkable.

Zee spent some of the morning sketching and brainstorming ideas for his piece. George presented students with the idea of using stencils, because that is one method he uses in his own work.  Many of the students followed his lead and worked on making their own stencils.

This is some of Lynette’s work. Love the colors.The colors the students are achieving are very rich and vibrant.

Students will spend the next couple of days developing ideas, gaining a greater perspective on the material, and creating beautiful pieces.


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