Empty Dorm

October 14, 2008

Each fall, after parents’ weekend, all the students leave campus for two days. At a day-school that happens every Friday afternoon. For us here at Gould, a student-free campus in the fall is an odd thing indeed! Pete and I do all kinds of fun things when the dorm is empty.

We grind the coffee at 6am without reservation. We crank up NPR without regard for our sleeping adolescent neighbors. We don’t try to quiet our talkative 2 year old son when he greets us at 5:30 am. We also go to bed WELL before 10, and we know we won’t be awakened at 9:30pm (in-dorms), when excited students return to the dorm.

Yup, we get pretty crazy here when the kids are away. Just imagine what our summer is like!

The dorm will be back to normal on Wednesday!

Until next week, -Tracey


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