Election Time: Let’s get real, yo.

November 5, 2012

Alright, boys and girls, it’s a serious time of year for Americans ~

It’s election time! (cue patriotic music).

But anyway, I’ll stop being silly and get real with you guys. The ideal of an election, on its own, deserves a GLOG post, for sure.

In the past couple months, you may have noticed we’ve been bombarded with news about this upcoming election. About Obama’s healthcare plans, or Romney’s take on China, or the media’s speculation on Obama’s birth certificate, or Romney’s ‘binders full of women.’

And although I’m sure you guys all have your opinions about each candidate, I’m not trying to promote one or the other. What I really want to talk about is the fact we even have an election to begin with!

In AP Government this year, I’ve spent the last three weeks or so learning about different regimes in various countries. I’ve learned a lot about authoritarian regimes and democracy, of how they take different forms and shapes in each country. From Mexico to Bhutan, I’ve learned so much about each government in this world.

To be honest, I kinda would be, like, really sad if I lived in an authoritarian government. It’s not that great, y’all. But, fortunately, we live in a society that enables democracy. I know, from AP Gov (if nothing else), that we are so fortunate to live in this society for many reasons. The ability to vote chiefly among them.

So, despite opinions and what the media says, be thankful that we have elections to begin with. Yes, I know I’m SO wise. Just take it from these girls:

AND ~ Gould Academy is going to celebrate this election (be excited!)

Our fabulous host, Doctor Clarke, will be conducting a ‘mock’ election from 7-7:30pm on Tuesday night after formal dinner.  The mock election will take place in each of dorms (in Ordway after formal dinner for day students).

After we all vote, Doctor Clarke will announce Gould’s ‘winner’ at the Election Results Viewing Party which will run from 9-10pm on Tuesday night in Ordway. Can you handle the suspense?!

So, remember, it’s election time ~ be thankful, and VOTE because you can! Whether you really vote at the polls, or just vote here at Ordway on Tuesday.

Look out on the announcements for details!

Bleeding red, white, and blue! ~



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  1. Avatar Steph L. says:

    I love that video! So cute! I’ll make sure to vote!

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